Sunday, September 13, 2009

Three things to love

These are three things that mean a lot to me.
  1. Poppin' Fresh - When I first heard his giggle I knew he was the man for me. Because he sits on my sink I see him every day. He reminds me to giggle and be joyous. Sometimes life is weighty, and a positive outlook can keep you going when you don't really want to.
  2. Murphy Oil Soap - This product it is an oxymoron. Soap on wood? Ash Soap is still a strange idea. But I really love it because you can use it on Marker Boards. Yes it can be diluted and made into a great Marker Board cleaner. It dissolves the marks, and it puts a film back on the board. Talk about fun! It is so stealthy. he he!
  3. Expect a Miracle - This is one of the things I want to always remember. I do expect a miracle, because God is the miracle maker. How can He not be? Just look at our planet, the anomaly of the universe. It is because I know who He is not just what He does that I ask.

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